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Personally I find my description disgusting... It shows no effort whatsoever, _-Fnord-_ and displays a clear lack of organization and communications skills
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:: Monday, November 17, 2003 ::

Have found new vocation, will be spending time on the other site more and more now... MUWAAHAHA, I will stop that lousy Dubya.

Everyone, go check it all out:


And Here.

Hope to see you all soon my dears.
:: Tom 3:19 PM [+] ::
:: Sunday, November 16, 2003 ::
Hmm, not a good couple of days. Apart from the welcome(?) addition of a tv/video to the kitchen, and lotsa movies, ive been feeling worse and worse since i stopped takin on thursday. Im gonna have to cope with being like that, or im not gonna make it through to christmas here.

I so need to get on to finding some other societies, and actually going to the ones i have joined. I joined the Live Music Soc, the indie soc and I want to join Alt and Shift, which is an alternative politics society; speaking of which, here's my bush quote for the day:

America has got some wonderful citizenry who just refuse to be defeated.
-- Or citizens, maybe? Harbison Canyon, California, Nov. 4, 2003

He gets over here on tuesday. America rejoice, you will have gotten rid of him for a week; so he can get his ass kissed, by our fucking smelly-ass queen and are buttmunch of a prime poodle minister. GGGGRGRGRGRGRGRRRRR. I WILL SEE YOU IN LONDON BUSH, AND ILL BE THERE WITH A FULL CARTON OF EGGS, AND A BAG OF FLOUR, EXACTLY THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD.

Feel much better now, therapy, who needs pills and therapy when i have a blog.
:: Tom 4:22 PM [+] ::

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