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Personally I find my description disgusting... It shows no effort whatsoever, _-Fnord-_ and displays a clear lack of organization and communications skills
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:: Thursday, October 30, 2003 ::

Been to tired to post recently. Have had loads of work to catch up on for Politics and Economics. Saw a funny thing today though, there was a kitten by one of the student houses near where I live, and there was a sparrow hopping after it! Reminds me of the topsy-turvy world of the medieval illuminator for some reason: people with hands coming out of their backs, cockatrice and demo-gorgons (is the plural gorgons? Or gorgi?). Anyway, it was hopping along after this kitten, but the kitten just kept turning round, looking really puzzled, and continued its I-so-don't-give-a-shit perambulation. Weird, but kinda cool.

Have just written a new cv as well, they were right about Gair Rhydd looking nice on your cv!
:: Tom 5:20 PM [+] ::
:: Sunday, October 26, 2003 ::

Feel bad now. Should have gone to anti-student-top-up-fees march today. Had a night of elephantine lasagnas instead; cooked in a group effort; much merriment ensued. Colm ate two slabs of lasagna the size of agincourt. He didnt have any of the porcupine Piebarble-rhubarbappliance though, which was a shame as we had to finish it off. Then narrowly avoiding being attacked by marauding nun-ubile old people in the convent-ome next door, we went to bed.


Need to get my act (whatever that is... fucking Hamlet) together though, feeling very listless and not being creative enough at the moment... Im allowing myself to wallow in pointless conversation with people who could really be doing something better, and I am just hiding from myself as usual; maybe I should explain to someone how Im feeling... Nah, either fortunately or unfortunately, everyone has been talking to me recently, and I know at least Im ok, apart from my Nan dying and my apathy.


Still should have woken up and gone to the march, although i have spammed my mp consistenlty for the last month or so, which I am at least partially proud of...

Ahh well (he exclaimed), I went two years ago. It is the saddest time in a person's life when they can say: I will never dance in the fountain of Trafalgar Square again.

Hem, hem.

Im starting to become glad that noone reads this blog... it has started to become my friend... I'm sure that that is a familiar reaction by anybody first getting into them, but, in some way Im happier at the end of this entry than I was at the start, and that, for me, is something to celebrate.
:: Tom 2:30 PM [+] ::

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