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Personally I find my description disgusting... It shows no effort whatsoever, _-Fnord-_ and displays a clear lack of organization and communications skills
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:: Friday, October 24, 2003 ::

Wow, havnt posted for bloody ages, but then ive been busy havnt I! Im at Cardiff now, having changed course from Maths and Philosophy to Politics and Economics. To reflect my new-found political awareness, i have tried to add a dubya speak button to my site, however the code is being cuntish and not working.

I now live with a mad drunken Irishman, a Morrissey act-a-like, a manic depressive bong-pulling greek orthodox priest, a bonkers mexican footballer, a Malaysian who seems to know EVERY other Malaysian in Cardiff - often by bringing them back to the flat, a rich matrix obsessive and one very normal guy from Birmingham.

I have, in the last week, drunk:

37 pints of lager
7 bottles of wine(ish)
1 Bottle of vodka
1 Bottle whisky

I am starting to get worried about alcoholism.

More interesting for you?

Probably not, you want some unhappy emo kinda blog...

Nah. I'm a pretty happy person mostly, when Im not, then you sweet bloggers will bear the brunt.
:: Tom 3:04 PM [+] ::

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