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Personally I find my description disgusting... It shows no effort whatsoever, _-Fnord-_ and displays a clear lack of organization and communications skills
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:: Monday, November 17, 2003 ::

Have found new vocation, will be spending time on the other site more and more now... MUWAAHAHA, I will stop that lousy Dubya.

Everyone, go check it all out:


And Here.

Hope to see you all soon my dears.
:: Tom 3:19 PM [+] ::
:: Sunday, November 16, 2003 ::
Hmm, not a good couple of days. Apart from the welcome(?) addition of a tv/video to the kitchen, and lotsa movies, ive been feeling worse and worse since i stopped takin on thursday. Im gonna have to cope with being like that, or im not gonna make it through to christmas here.

I so need to get on to finding some other societies, and actually going to the ones i have joined. I joined the Live Music Soc, the indie soc and I want to join Alt and Shift, which is an alternative politics society; speaking of which, here's my bush quote for the day:

America has got some wonderful citizenry who just refuse to be defeated.
-- Or citizens, maybe? Harbison Canyon, California, Nov. 4, 2003

He gets over here on tuesday. America rejoice, you will have gotten rid of him for a week; so he can get his ass kissed, by our fucking smelly-ass queen and are buttmunch of a prime poodle minister. GGGGRGRGRGRGRGRRRRR. I WILL SEE YOU IN LONDON BUSH, AND ILL BE THERE WITH A FULL CARTON OF EGGS, AND A BAG OF FLOUR, EXACTLY THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD.

Feel much better now, therapy, who needs pills and therapy when i have a blog.
:: Tom 4:22 PM [+] ::
:: Thursday, November 13, 2003 ::
Hi, Im a looney, officially. I am today looking at the screen through the warm fuzz of anti-depressants, because apparently, I need them. I'm not entirely sure I like it, my hands dont feel right and Im not sure I can type for much longer, but i feel i just have to keep adding commas until something interesting happens, without any expectation that it will.

Im indebted to monkey, for keeping me blogging, and i wish shed come see what ive done, but that would mean the end of my peace here. In the words of Susan Hill's character Hooper: "Noone must come here, this is MY place".

Im gonna try and get a link up to my invincible bus site soon, once ive written some more of it! Doubt that'll happen for a while, think ill wander round aimlessly for a bit... then throw these fuckin pills in the river...

fuckin anti-depressants, foggy shite.
:: Tom 4:02 PM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, November 12, 2003 ::
Urgh! Back on maths course, trying to catch up with work... and playing neopets... arrrrrgh:
Never ever go. This is THE most pointless, addictive thing I have seen in a while, and while Im sure everyone in the universe must have heard of it by now... i still have to spread the torture *sob*
:: Tom 1:04 PM [+] ::
:: Thursday, October 30, 2003 ::
Been to tired to post recently. Have had loads of work to catch up on for Politics and Economics. Saw a funny thing today though, there was a kitten by one of the student houses near where I live, and there was a sparrow hopping after it! Reminds me of the topsy-turvy world of the medieval illuminator for some reason: people with hands coming out of their backs, cockatrice and demo-gorgons (is the plural gorgons? Or gorgi?). Anyway, it was hopping along after this kitten, but the kitten just kept turning round, looking really puzzled, and continued its I-so-don't-give-a-shit perambulation. Weird, but kinda cool.

Have just written a new cv as well, they were right about Gair Rhydd looking nice on your cv!
:: Tom 5:20 PM [+] ::
:: Sunday, October 26, 2003 ::

Feel bad now. Should have gone to anti-student-top-up-fees march today. Had a night of elephantine lasagnas instead; cooked in a group effort; much merriment ensued. Colm ate two slabs of lasagna the size of agincourt. He didnt have any of the porcupine Piebarble-rhubarbappliance though, which was a shame as we had to finish it off. Then narrowly avoiding being attacked by marauding nun-ubile old people in the convent-ome next door, we went to bed.


Need to get my act (whatever that is... fucking Hamlet) together though, feeling very listless and not being creative enough at the moment... Im allowing myself to wallow in pointless conversation with people who could really be doing something better, and I am just hiding from myself as usual; maybe I should explain to someone how Im feeling... Nah, either fortunately or unfortunately, everyone has been talking to me recently, and I know at least Im ok, apart from my Nan dying and my apathy.


Still should have woken up and gone to the march, although i have spammed my mp consistenlty for the last month or so, which I am at least partially proud of...

Ahh well (he exclaimed), I went two years ago. It is the saddest time in a person's life when they can say: I will never dance in the fountain of Trafalgar Square again.

Hem, hem.

Im starting to become glad that noone reads this blog... it has started to become my friend... I'm sure that that is a familiar reaction by anybody first getting into them, but, in some way Im happier at the end of this entry than I was at the start, and that, for me, is something to celebrate.
:: Tom 2:30 PM [+] ::
:: Friday, October 24, 2003 ::
Wow, havnt posted for bloody ages, but then ive been busy havnt I! Im at Cardiff now, having changed course from Maths and Philosophy to Politics and Economics. To reflect my new-found political awareness, i have tried to add a dubya speak button to my site, however the code is being cuntish and not working.

I now live with a mad drunken Irishman, a Morrissey act-a-like, a manic depressive bong-pulling greek orthodox priest, a bonkers mexican footballer, a Malaysian who seems to know EVERY other Malaysian in Cardiff - often by bringing them back to the flat, a rich matrix obsessive and one very normal guy from Birmingham.

I have, in the last week, drunk:

37 pints of lager
7 bottles of wine(ish)
1 Bottle of vodka
1 Bottle whisky

I am starting to get worried about alcoholism.

More interesting for you?

Probably not, you want some unhappy emo kinda blog...

Nah. I'm a pretty happy person mostly, when Im not, then you sweet bloggers will bear the brunt.
:: Tom 3:04 PM [+] ::

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